Six Lethargies

This summer I had the pleasure of working closely with folk-rock musician and artist Keaton Henson as he developed a new composition that explored...

Punters: auto-portraits of fairground thrill

I produced a collection of images capturing the emotions of riders at the fairground as they experienced a moment of ultimate thrill....


Oscillate at the V&A


mobile poop laboratory

I have a few egg heads at the laboratory, so was delighted to be approached by the Happy Egg Company. The phone call went...

Thrill Laboratory develop new WiFi Gas Mask

The mask monitors and transmits rider's breathing rate in real-time. A set of the masks will be at the heart of new performances this...


Thrill Engineer at 32,000 feet

British Airways thought that their customers would enjoy reading about the things I take with me when I fly the world on my adventures....