the world’s first inverting looping playground slide

The following account is recreated from interviews with those who were there, and then dramatised for the internet. All video footage contained below is...

VR Playground for your audience

Can you remember swinging in the playground as a child: enjoying sensations of speed and weightlessness as you swooped high and low; laughing with...



Thrill Laboratory is renowned for creating some of the UK's leading precision bespoke scientific instrumentation. Our Jump-O-Meter is no exception - using 6 degree-of-motion...

Oscillate at the V&A


Adventure Film Festival

I had the pleasure of interviewing an international bevvy of Thrill Seekers at the Adventure Film Festival as part of the festival's collaboration with...


Thrill Engineer at 32,000 feet

British Airways thought that their customers would enjoy reading about the things I take with me when I fly the world on my adventures....