Self Examination


Blue Peter does Smiler at Alton Towers

Helen and Barney join Brendan at Alton Towers to see just how good Smiler is at putting a smile on their faces. Thrill Laboratory uses...

Adventure Film Festival

I had the pleasure of interviewing an international bevvy of Thrill Seekers at the Adventure Film Festival as part of the festival's collaboration with...

Thrill Engineer at 32,000 feet

British Airways thought that their customers would enjoy reading about the things I take with me when I fly the world on my adventures....

do thrill engineers dream of virtual reality?

Do you remember the summer of 2013? Oculus Rift were in the middle of a pivotal Kickstarter campaign to launch DK1 - a widely...

VR Playground for your audience

Can you remember swinging in the playground as a child: enjoying sensations of speed and weightlessness as you swooped high and low; laughing with...

VR Playground at Norfolk & Norwich Festival

During 17 days of continuous swinging around Norwich in May 2017, over five thousand riders (ranging from 11 to 101 years old - able...

Uncomfortable User Experience

Breathless and Bucking Bronco Adaptive Ride Experiment No.1 feature in this award winning article in the Communications of Association for Computing Machinery. My colleagues...

Oscillate at the V&A





Thrilling Designs

what's it about? Thrilling Designs showcases design work from the research project chromo11: engineering the thrill. Thrilling Designs draws inspiration from the traditions of the...


Bronco features on Discovery Channel

Our Bucking Bronco Adaptive Ride Experiment and The Walker Thrill Factor feature on Discovery Channel's Daily Planet.


Breathless is an interactive experience inspired by Fragonard's Swing. It combines elements of voyeurism, abandonment and breath control to power a ride. Breathless features...