the world’s first inverting looping playground slide

The following account is recreated from interviews with those who were there, and then dramatised for the internet. All video footage contained below is...

VR Playground for your audience

Can you remember swinging in the playground as a child: enjoying sensations of speed and weightlessness as you swooped high and low; laughing with...


Oscillate at the V&A

VR Playground at Norfolk & Norwich Festival

During 17 days of continuous swinging around Norwich in May 2017, over five thousand riders (ranging from 11 to 101 years old - able...

VR Playground at Greenwich

We were swinging over the rooftops of London for three days, enjoying views from Greenwich hill. Our riders were set against a most dramatic...


Six Lethargies

This summer I had the pleasure of working closely with folk-rock musician and artist Keaton Henson as he developed a new composition that explored...

Kitchen Thrill-o-meter

Self Examination