Roller Coaster Challenge: win a badge

Roller Coaster Challenge: win a badge


This week, out of the blue, and amidst everything going on, I was sent the most amazing message and photograph from this chap, Mylo.

Mylo and his dad are stuck at home. They watched my Royal Institute lecture on The Science of Thrill. Mylo was so excited that he wanted to become a Thrill Engineer and design his own roller coaster. He wondered what I thought of his design. I thought it was so wonderful that I posted Mylo a Thrill Laboratory pin badge to say thank you (it’s the final little loop-the-loop that made me laugh most)

If you watch the YouTube video of my talk, you’ll see that nearly all the interesting questions come from girls and boys aged 7 to 17. I’m now wondering just how many young Thrill Engineers, like Mylo, there might be out there – and should I be worried for my job!

To find out, I’m setting you all a challenge:

  1. Watch my talk with mum and dad, older sister and brother, grandma (over Skype), the dog and goldfish…
  2. Grab some art materials, like paper, pens and paint; or construction toys, like LEGO, sellotape and cardboard.
  3. Start to create ideas for your own roller coaster.
  4. How will you make riders feel scared, excited or thrilled?
  5. Work on your best roller coaster idea. What theme will it be?
  6. Photograph or video yourself with your final roller coaster idea.
  7. Post it on Twitter and/or Instagram tagging me @ThrillEngineer and #CoasterChallenge
  8. Thrill Laboratory badges will be sent anywhere in the word for my very favourite rides.

Let’s scream and laugh our way to happiness!

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