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Thrill Laboratory
Thrill Laboratory has evolved from the work of artist Brendan Walker.

Between 2003 and 2005, Brendan ran the project Chromo11: Engineering the Thrill in his quest to create more inventive, and increasingly thrilling interactive installations. The results of chromo11 were published in the twin volumes The Taxonomy of Thrill and Thrilling Designs.

During the same period Brendan produced the project Punters: Auto-Portraits of Fairground Thrill to explore links between pleasure, arousal, performance, and emotional experience.

In 2005, the Science Museum in London invited Brendan to stage an event bringing together all his knowledge and skills in producing thrilling experience. In response, he produced Fairground: Thrill Laboratory, the first official Thrill Laboratory experience.

Thrill Engineer
The term 'Thrill Engineer' evolved from the project Chromo11: Engineering the Thrill, where the practices of Engineering, and Reverse Engineering Experience were born.

Thrill Engineer describes a person able to sensitively construct and control thrilling experience. A Thrill Engineer is different to a Disney 'Imagineer' because he concentrates on the individual; playing on the interrelationships between subjective creativity, objective engineering practice, and the sociology, psychology and physiology of being human.

Brendan Walker is the world's only Thrill Engineer.

The character of the Thrill Engineer at Thrill Laboratory brings together three references: (a) the protagonist in new thrilling experiences proposed by Brendan in Thrilling Designs; (b)the faceless adventurer seen in Punters, and (c) Brendan's training as a professional engineer at British Aerospace.