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Each Thrill Laboratory experience is different - different contributors, different audience, different venue - but all with the same aim: to create and examine new forms of thrilling experience.

Punters: Auto-portraits of Fairground Thrill Wellcome Trust, 2005
Fairground: Thrill Laboratory Science Museum, London, 2006
Chair: Thrill Laboratory Oslo School of Architecture and Design, 2007
Oblivion: Thrill Laboratory Alton Towers, 2007
Thrill Trail Victoria and Albert Museum, 2007
Engineering Thrills Discovery Channel pilot show, 2008
Airphoria: Terminal 3 Shunt Lounge, 2008
Guinea Pigs Alton Towers Resort, 2008
Blue Peter Thrill Laboratory two-part special, 2009

Bucking Bronco: Adaptive Ride Experiment No1. EPSRC, Kensington Olympia, 2009

Bang Goes The Theory outside & studio broadcasts, 2009 (released in August)

Self Examination Mayhem Horror Film Festival, 2009

Hyperventilation Mayhem Horror Film Festival, 2010

Breathless SPACE studios, London, 2010
PerPing Cheltenham Science Festival, 2011
The Experiment Mayhem Horror Film Festival, 2011